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An Interview with Must Be The Holy Ghost

June 24, 2015

North Carolina’s mastermind, Jared Draughon, has been in a slew of notable bands throughout the years such as Blankface, Classic Case, Telescreen and has been pushing the envelope strong for the past couple years with his latest outfit, MUST BE THE HOLY GHOST. We were able to catch up with Jared for a few minutes to talk about the project.

How & when did you form this project?

I wanted to start a solo project of sorts back in 2012 but wasn’t inspired to just sing and play a guitar as I had in the past. I bought a loop pedal and starting experimenting with looping layers of guitars and vocals over drum samples that I created and it slowly evolved into what I called Must Be The Holy Ghost by early 2013.

You signed with North Carolina’s Cardigan Records. How has it been working with the label?

Shane Kelly who started Cardigan caught one of my early sets back in 2013 and we soon decided to release a record together. It’s been amazing working with Cardigan.

How many releases do you have currently?

Just one album so far called “Get Off” which was released in April of 2014.

Tell us about the recording process? Who did you record with?

I have a studio so I recorded and mixed the record myself. I played a bunch of shows before I began recording though so I could really flush out the songs and get an idea of how to make the recording reflect the live show. I didn’t want it to sound like it was written in the studio. Then I took a few months to record it in my down time.

I get a different feeling for every song you write. Your writing has a lot of emotion. What are some of the inspirations for your lyrics?

Just the inevitable ups and downs life throws at us. I had a lot of fuel from some bad experiences I went through so songwriting was a natural outlet for that. My lyrics aren’t always literal though so if they create an emotion or different feeling I’m ok with it. A lot of times I just let the vocal melody dictate how the lyrics form.

It’s interesting to watch your live performances, adding loops and layers from the first note of a song. What is that experience like?

It’s always a fun challenge. I enjoy multi tasking and it’s a balancing act to maintain some kind of song structure while looping and creating layers of sound.

Tell us about what kind of gear you are currently using?

I play a Gibson Standard SG through a Vox AC15 along with a bunch of fx pedals…delays, reverbs, fuzz, tremolo, octave generators, etc. I pump the drum samples through a 4 x 10 bass cab and also use a vocal processor to add delays to the vocal layers. I loop everything though a boss loopstation.

You use an old school overhead projector to display crazy visuals. Can you explain how you came about doing that?

My friend and visual artist in Winston Salem, Evan Hawkins, started experimenting with projections with a few bands in town. I was one of those and we just kept doing that until we very organically got better at both of our own crafts as well as presenting them together. It wasn’t really anything we set out to do but they compliment each other very well.

You were out on the road this Spring, touring around the US. How was the tour? Meet any cool people along the way?

The tour was excellent. We went all around the country and met some great people along the way. The reception was excellent especially at shows we did in Toronto, Portland, and NYC.

You have an upcoming mini tour with He Is Legend around North Carolina. Are you excited?

The guys in He Is Legend are my homies so yes super excited. It’s gonna be alot of fun leading up to a big July 4th show in Wilmington.

What’s in store for the future for Must Be The Holy Ghost?

I have a bunch of new songs for a new record. I’m hoping to have that recorded by the end of the summer and then stay busy playing shows this fall.

Catch MUST BE THE HOLY GHOST live here:

6/29 – Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theatre –
6/30 – Augusta, GA @ Sky City –
7/01 – Asheville, NC @ Mothlight –
7/02 – Greensboro, NC @ Greensboro, NC –
7/03 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 –
7/04 – Wilmington, NC @ Ziggy’s By The Sea –

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