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7 Questions with RDGLDGRN!

December 7, 2015

7 Questions with RDGLDGRN via CRANKITLOUD.NET:

Q1. How did the band form?

-being from Reston, it was hard to not know everyone or be friends of friends w everyone. it’s a relatively small town. ( the first planned community in the united states btw )

Q2. What is the meaning behind the name? It’s pretty unique. How did it come about?

-we call each other RED GOLD and GREEN so, in what seemed like a clever idea at the time, we mixed band names like Peter, Bjorn, and John with names like SBTRKT. we thought it would make us stand out as far as google searches were concerned because typing ‘RED GOLD GREEN’ only yielded the culture club song. so by removing the vowels we created our own identity. problem is… nobody can quite remember the jibberish that remains ( RDGLDGRN ) smh…

Q3. Where do you draw your musical influences?

-influences have come from disney movies, the beatles, romania, haiti, rap, etc

Q4. How did you link with Pharrell & Dave Grohl? What was it like working with those guys?

-we asked barbara eden and she granted our one wish. it was a dream 😉

Q5. How has the road treated you in 2015? Any cool stories?

-well, this one time, at band camp in berlin, we had a stop and we ate at this burger joint called Lily Burger. let me tell u, the burgers were 1ft tall !!!!! and this male dancer group ( Sixx Paxx ) came in and it was freezing outside but they had on tanks, sunglasses and fresh new jersey haircuts and they DESTROYED these burgers. Meanwhile we were eating the little burgers on the menu lol

Q6. What is your favorite city to perform in? Favorite venues?

-DC, no question. Outside of dc tho, house of blues new orleans is a great place and there r so many others tbh

Q7. What can we expect from RDGLDGRN in 2016?

-more new music and tours


Catch RDGLDGRN live @ Greene Street Club in Greensboro, NC on Wednesday, December 16, along with Duckwrth & J. Timber. Doors 6:30pm. Tickets can be purchased here:


Watch the “Won’t Last” lyric video:

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