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A few minutes with 10 YEARS

August 5, 2016

We had a chance to catch up with Jesse from the band 10 YEARS to discuss a few things from their upcoming tour with Finger Eleven to their lastest album. Check it out!


CIL: Hey guys! How’s it going?

10 YEARS: we’re doing pretty well, we had a little time to work on new music and rehearse for the acoustic tour


CIL: Will you be doing anything special for the shows coming up in Greensboro, NC and Virginia Beach, VA on the acoustic tour with FINGER ELEVEN?

 10 YEARS: well the acoustic show is a bit different than our electric show, we really try to adapt and chance our songs to fit more of the acoustic vibe and its not just stripped

down to guitar and vocals, we take the foundation of the song and build keys, percussion, and even strings on top of it to make an old song have a new sound.


CIL: How did the idea of the acoustic tour come about?

10 YEARS: well we did an “evening” with 10 years at the Tennessee theater a few years back where we opened the show with an acoustic set before we played a full electric

show, and it was so well received that we decided to to do a full acoustic tour. when we first started the tour it was very awkward and a bit nerve racking because

we were so used to the electric show, but after a couple of shows we realized it created a totally different vibe and energy that made the songs feel new again


CIL: Will ‘Herpe & The Heartbreakers’ be making a special appearance?

 10 YEARS: hahaha.. Im not sure that the whole unplugged thing is Herpe’s vibe, he’s pretty rowdy, foul-mouthed, and unpredictable, don’t get me wrong he’d be very entertaining

but he’s a bit of a party crasher


CIL: For those who are not familiar with your band, explain the concept of ‘Herpe & The Heartbreakers’ for us:

10 YEARS: well Herpe is my identical twin cousin “not sure how that works” that lives in the mountains of Tennessee where he lives a life of full rebellious freedom!

Herpe found out that i was in a “successful” rock band touring all over the world and decided he wanted a piece of the action, so he randomly pops in and cusses

everyone out, claims 10 years stole all their best song ideas from him “and never paid him anything”, then he’ll tell the whole crowd he loves em “in a very sexually

uncomfortable way”, and the poof he’s gone…. very much like a herpe.


CIL: Jesse– You’re also known to stage dive and crowd surf! Has this ever brought any risks for you? 

10 YEARS: haha… well its brought a little more than risk, I’ve been known to take a spill every now and then off some off the PA speakers,  lighting rigs, barricades, ect.

so I’ve had a few cuts and bruises, but i guess it comes with the territory


CIL: You released a new album last year, Birth to Burial, how does this album differ from your previous work?

10 YEARS: every album we’ve created is a bit different than the last, we always try to challenge ourselves to explored outside of comfort zones to find new inspiration.

I’d  say this album turned out to be our heaviest one yet. The record hits on a lot of personal realization that this type of life can’t last forever, and accepting it


CIL: Who produced the record? What were some memorable moments from the studio?

10 YEARS: we’ve done our last 2 albums with Brian Vodinh who was one of the founding members and toured with us up through 2013. He has always kind of worn the producer

hat and knows all of our personalities well so its a very comfortable vibe to be creative in. we,ve been doing this so long that all of our shenanigans have tamed down

a bit, just a a lot of coffee, long hours, and the occasional flatulent


CIL: Have you started writing any new material for the next record?

10 YEARS: we started working on new music about a month ago and hope to have a good body of songs by the end of the year


CIL: Can you tell us whats in store for 10 YEARS after this acoustic tour with FINGER ELEVEN?

well after this tour finishes up we plan on really diving into the writing process with little distraction, we will be playing a few random show but no extensive touring

until we get a new album written




Catch 10 YEARS live with FINGER ELEVEN here:

Sat. 8/13 @ Arizona Pete’s (Greensboro, NC): TICKETS
Tue. 8/16 @ Shaka’s Live (Virginia Beach, VA): TICKETS


Interview collaborated by Joel Collins (Crank It Loud) & Ash Starkweather (Popdeflators)



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